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PrivateSky® Aviation Technical Appraisals and Condition Surveys

PrivateSky® Aviation Services, Inc. has a highly talented and trained team of personnel and technicians conducting Technical Appraisals and Condition Surveys on Gulfstream aircraft. A comprehensive evaluation of the aircraft will be accomplished in accordance with the PrivateSky® standard inspection or can be accomplish in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

The PrivateSky® standard inspection includes various airframe and engine inspections as well as detailed operational checks of the airframe and engine systems to ensure aircraft operation is within allowable tolerances and specifications. The aircraft will have a test flight conducted by a highly trained flight crew to ensure aircraft systems and operations are functioning properly and the systems are incompliance with allowable tolerances. A review of the aircraft documentation will be conducted to ensure all maintenance requirements are in compliance with the maintenance program identified for the aircraft including, but not limited to the inspection status, life limited and time controlled components, AD’s, ACB’s, CB’s, ASC’s, Flight Manual and applicable Supplements, Weight and Balance Manual and 337/STC/ICA requirements. An FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative can and will be available for any reviews or consultation as required from the customer.

Upon completion of inspections, documentation review and test flight, a comprehensive report will be provided to the customer. Release of the final report usually occurs 12 - 15 working days from the date the aircraft is inducted to the Technical Appraisal or Condition Survey process.

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